Twin Bioreactor

Twin Modular Bioreactors

2 parallel vessels

Twin Modular Bioreactors and fermenter, designed both for research and process development in cell culture and fermentation.
Our TWIN Bioreactor systems combine the advantages of parallel operations and modular design controllers with extreme flexibility and the full functionality of industrial bioreactors.

The control tower provides advanced process control.

In addition to the standard measurement and control options, advanced control features including pressure control, constant total gas flow control, and gravimetric feed and harvest control are possible. Our controller platforms enable the interchange of classic stirred tank glass autoclavable and SUB disposable vessels from 100ml to 50litres volume.

A four-level password module and a logbook module are available for enhanced process safety and advanced process documentation.

The use of a unique, integrated, space-saving tower design enables up to 36 units working in parallel or independently and, to enhance system performance even further, BIOFLEX™, a powerful process control software solution for extended visualisation, data acquisition, and trend display, is included.


​​Autoclavable vessels: 100-300-500 mL, 1-2-3-5-7-10-15-20 Litres
​​SUB Disposable vessels: 3-10-20-30-50 Litres

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