Automation & Controllers

KBiotech has developed modern and advanced BioControllers with industrial automation technologies for the whole range of Bioreactors, Fermenters and process equipment in our portfolio from laboratory to pilot and production systems.

We offer Compact and Modular control systems for various laboratory and industrial process needs. The systems designed by us allow rapid scale up or scale down thanks to the uniformity and intuitivity of the control logics of our automation and software systems.

KBiotech FPGA industrial PLC technology guarantee the best performances, reliability, long-term service and spare parts availability, except for proprietary systems.

The selection of trusted hardware components combined with our background in fermentation and cell culture implemented into the KBiotech Controllers creates a unique advanced bioreactor.

KBiotech advanced controllers allow simultaneous control and regulation of many variables such as: pH, pO2, temperature, level and foam, stirrer speed, pressure, variable-speed or fixed-speed peristaltic pumps, automated gas control with MFCs or rotameters, load cells, mass balances, biomass monitors, optical density, gas analyzer, pCO2, methanol analyzer, automated samplers, multi-assay metabolite analyzers and others.

Our Controllers use fieldbus-based I/O for accurate and fast data management, to allow easy maintenance and the option of further expansion. Most of our Control systems can be upgraded and replaced at any time without limitations.

KBiotech BioControllers can be configured into existing automation plant networks or alternatively retrofit pre-installed Bioreactors/Fermenters/Process Tanks and manage simultaneously multiple systems in parallel.

KBiotech BioControllers can also be powered through a UPS device preventing interference, overvoltage and power cuts with an automatic restart function in case of power cuts and failures.

Controller components are located into a classified and certified waterproof cabinet.

Our Controllers offer a wide selection of communication devices: Profibus, ModBus, RS232/485, and Ethernet.

Kbiotech Controllers are designed to comply with the international GMP standards known as GAMP.

BioControllers Feature:

  • Sterilisation
  • Pre-inoculum / Preparation
  • Inoculum
  • Cultivation
  • Password protection
  • Emergency stop
  • Protection circuit breaker for heater
  • Protection circuit breaker for circulating pump
  • Agitator drive alarm
  • Failure detector in compressed air pressure for actuators
  • pH, pO2, T°, P° and other probes communication alarm
  • Heater overheating protection switch
  • I/O remote communication
  • Stirrer Torque
  • Protection circuit breaker 24VS
  • Auxiliary Off-switch
  • Power supply failure detector for direct line
  • Steam generator alarm
  • Low water pressure in circulation circuit
  • Protection circuit breaker for stirrer
  • Stirrer max torque