Modular Bioreactors and Fermenters for fermentation and cell culture

We engineer and manufacture Bioreactors and Fermenters in a range of vessel types stirred tanks or disposable using advanced control technologies and process strategies. Our producs are used for research, development, and production, suitable for fermentation processes, culturing animal and insects cell, synthetic meat, dairy fermented product, stem cells, algae, biomass, biofuel, hydrolysis and more.


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Decisive advantages

A wide choice of interchange reusable or disposable bench top vessels type from 50ml w/v up to 30/50L volume as well as pilot and industrial SIP/CIP systems from 3L to 50KL volume or more.
Reliable automation and software solutions for laboratory, pilot and industrial applications for easy scale up and down
Expandable Controllers from one to 12/24/36 bioreactors systems managed online
Innovative technical solutions to easily switch from glass vessels to disposable without modifications or adaptations
Compact and Modular controllers to satisfy any need of performance, flexibility, expandability and compactness
Bioflex powerful Scada Software to control, analyze, design standard or sophisticated bioprocesses
Technical service and support available worldwide
Customized technical solution for pilot and industrial plants with innovative sterilization and cleaning systems with an effective reduction of energy consumption and working times
Biocontrollers and Software with advanced capabilities for single and parallel operations
Ready solutions to integrate bioprocess analyzers such as gas analysers, biomass probes, metabolite analysers and others

Kbiotech was founded by a management team with consolidated 30 years’ experience in the fields of fermentation, cell culture, sterile processing, software and automation technologies, with the aim of meeting the challenges of producing and supplying leading industrial and institutional customers with a new generation of bioreactors, fermenters, upstream equipment and analytical instruments for research and production.

We can offer standard or customized solutions to deal with multiple requirements in the world of green, red and white biotechnologies or pharmaceutical applications.

We manufacture a wide range of process equipment such as; Bioreactors, Fermenters, Tanks and Reactors for storage, media preparation product harvest starting from 50ml working volume to 50 cubic meters pilot and industrial plants and integrated turn-key solutions for upstream and downstream.

Compact bioreactors

A Compact solution for your laboratory that guarantees reliable performance and ease of use, the right choice to get started. Versatile bioconsole to work with single or twin (2) bioreactors online, capable to interchange glass, stainless steel and disposable vessels from 50mL w/v to 50 liters volume.

Modular bioreactors

Advanced Modular Controller offering industrial solutions for your laboratory and production; speed, power, flexibility and expandability make our modular system unique in its kind to optimize the scale up or down your process. The modular controller is designed to work as a single or parallel system being able to interchange glass, disposable and stainless steel vessels from 50mL working volume to 100 Liters.

Parallel bioreactors

The evolution of the modular controller to work in parallel with multiple bioreactors to speed up the development of your bioprocesses, as well as being able to manage up to 12, 24 or 36 bioreactors online. Our modular system allows you to work with a wide choice of vessels in glass and disposable from 50ml w/v to 30 / 50 Liters. The Bioflex Software for monitoring and controlling the process has been optimized and enhanced with a database for the programming, analysis and immediate simultaneous comparison of the various online systems.

Laboratory, Pilot & Industrial SIP & CIP Bioreactors and Fermenters

Standard or customized stainless steel Bioreactors and Fermenters suitable for fermentation and cell culture applications, in situ sterilisable and CIPable available from 3L to 50L in laboratory scale and from 50L to 50KL as pilot and industrial plants.

Tanks and Reactors

We design and manufacture various Tanks and Reactors for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications for the preparation of media, sterile liquid solutions, oils, gels, semi solids and solids compounds. We do mechanical processing in 316L, 304L, 904L, Astelloy and special constructions.

CIP and Sterilization systems

We build integrated or stand-alone cleaning and sterilization systems as well as a unique innovative solution ‘Allinone’ of SIP / CIP that allows effective energy savings and optimization of working times. Our CIP and Sterilization systems are applicable to any Tank, Vessel, Bioreactor, Fermenter and Reactor.

Disposable Bioreactors

We have developed an innovative line of disposable laboratory vessels from 50ml w / v to 30L / 50L volume that can be used with our compact and modular control units but also with those of third parties. Our disposable vessels are available with single and double jacket, interchangeable directly with our glass vessels, and available with accessories for cell culture and microbial fermentation.

Photo bioreactors

Our controllers allow you to work with photo bioreactors and different types of vessels; stirred tank round type, air lift / gas lift and flat panel. We offer laboratory, pilot, large scale and customisable PBR systems made of glass and stainless steel upon your requirments.

Air Lift / Gas Lift

We produce laboratory and industrial air lifts and gas lifts for photo bioreaction, fungal, yeast, bacterial, cell culture, biogas and other applications.


Our control systems are based on solid, reliable and latest generation industrial automation FPGA processors which offer a computing power and speed not comparable to traditional PLCs and older generation proprietary control systems. In addition the Kbiotech Controllers are designed to work as a stand alone or interface with the industrial automation systems already present in your laboratory and factory.

Software Bioflex TM

The software is a determining element that characterizes our machines, developed and enhanced over the years, today we offer an optimized platform for process development and production. The software allows you to control, analyze, design standard or sophisticated bioprocesses. The software is available in a standard version for remote control, supervision and process monitoring and can be integrated with the advanced DoE processing, data analysis and process design database, in addition to the industrial SCADA version.

The Bioflex Software enable real-time retrieval of runtime information from an SQL Server database, the embedded report generator provides recipe information, process information as well as event reporting from current and historical batched and cultivations runs. Bioflex allows you easier Integration of bioreactor systems into existing control systems and corporate historians or data base using OPC technology. In addition Interfacing with scientific software packages like LabVIEW and MATLAB. Enables also the integration into: Emerson DeltaV, Siemens SIMATIC, ABB, OPC Historian and other on request.

Quality & Certifications

Technical documentation is available to validate our machines according to GLP or GMP standards.

Service & Support

We provide worldwide service & support.