SUB & SUS Vessels 300ml – 30L

Kbiotech SUB disposable bioreactors solutions help you to save downtime and eliminate the need to clean, autoclave and assemble your classic glass bioreactors.

You can benefit of our BIO BENCH COMPACT and ADVANCED Controllers platform to interchange and/or work in parallel your traditional STR glass bioreactors with the SUB disposable systems to boost your experiments. Our range of single-use, stirred tank bioreactor platform are available with sigle jacket and double wall vessels and enable you to get you to results faster.

All of our SUB disposable vessels can be used for cell cultures (animal-, insects-, and plant cells) but also for microbial and yeasts fermentation.
The control system can be configured for multi purpose applications with rotameters and Mass flow controllers for Air, O2, CO2 and N2, a precise Pumping module with fix and variable speed pumps. It can measure and control pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), Level/Foam and additional sensors and accessories.
Reusable sensors can be also provided for pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen.

The SUB bioreactor vessels are equipped with multiple addition-, sample- and harvesting tubing. All tubings are clear c-flex, suitable for tube welding. Multiple diameter sizes tubing are used provided for smaller and larger additions. Each line is also provided with luer lock connector. The sample ports are provided with luer lock connector. Four gas lines are present: gas inlet overlay, open pipe sparger, porous sparger and exhaust gas. All lines are provided with sterile (vent) filter.

The platform comes with a stirrer motor and adapter, a heating blanket or electrical heating module for double wall vessels, sensors and cables, liquid addition bottles for alkali addition, tubing and a starter kit. The starter kit includes several clamps, reducers and syringes for sampling.

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