Bioflex Software

Kbiotech Bioflex Software is a supervisory and data acquisition software to control laboratory, pilot and industrial bioreactors & fermenters remotely.

Bioflex is a harmonized platform capable of running lab, pilot or industrial scale systems from simple batch to advanced and sophisticated fed-batch and continuous processes.

Bioflex offers innovative features and can manage and control up to 12-24 bioreactors online.

Bioflex is available in the standard version for R&D and process development and as SCADA Software system for manufacturing purpose with an advanced database for data analysis and data processing.

Bioflex software is CFR21 part 11 compliant and OPC compatible.

Bioflex Features


  • Operating system running on Windows platforms,
  • Measurement of process values from process controllers,
  • Control of process set points in process controllers,
  • Starting and stopping of control loops,
  • Programming of local process controllers,
  • Reading of calibration data,
  • Password protection,
  • User-definable access rights,
  • Auto start after power failure

Advanced features:

  • Management of Single and Parallel systems up to 12-24 units
  • Management of algorithms and complex control (cascade modes, sequences, profiles etc.),
  • Management of culture and manufacturing files,
  • Management of BATCH recipes
  • Programming of control set points according to a profile set by the operator or a previous batch file
  • “Calculation” module allowing the calculation of derived variables
  • The software can manage a library of culture files containing standard conditions of culture for each microorganism.
  • Every time a cycle is launched, the operator can select a file of their choice, by adjusting the parameters.
  • At the end of fermentation, a summary manufacturing file is created and archived.
  • High and low alarm options with safety measures
  • DOE features

Data management:

  • Online data collection,
  • Offline data collection,
  • Additional drivers available separately,
  • Data storage system,
  • Single and Parallel systems data management up to 12-24 units

Data display:

  • Line graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Synoptic
  • Procedure flow chart
  • Combination of current and historical data in graphs
  • Combination of different active batches in graphs
  • Measured data table display
  • Single and Parallel systems data visualization up to 12-24 units

Supervisory control:

  • Programming of time based actions
  • Programming of event based actions
  • Profiling of setpoints
  • Manual setting of local control setpoints