Quad Modular Bioreactors

4 parallel vessels

The Quad Modular Bioreactor system consists of the local control tower to serve four bioreactors working in parallel, each providing independent control of the respective culture vessel. The controller allows additional vessels and supply towers to be added in situ without the need for external interfaces or expensive software upgrades.

The QUAD control system is among the most highly proven and advanced bioprocess controllers based on industry standard PLC embedded technology. The Control Tower enables the interchange of classic stirred tank glass autoclavable and SUB disposable vessels from 100ml to 50litres in volume.

Each culture vessel can be operated and automatically controlled at different temperatures, pH, DO, speed, foam, level, gas flow, gravimetric feed and harvest control, vessel pressure and redox, with optional online biomass sensor, optical density, glucose sensor, CO2/O2/NH4/SO2 gas analyser and pCO2 probe.

The QUAD system can be integrated with a high-efficiency thermostat system with recirculation pump, combined with jacketed culture vessels as a closed loop unit. Up to eight easy-load peristaltic pumps and up to eight rotameters or TMFC mass flow controllers for each culture vessel are seamlessly controlled for the addition of corrective agents, feeding, and culture volume control.

Superior BIOFLEX™ control software supports sophisticated process control, comprehensive data and information management and design of experiments (DoE) advanced process development with consideration of Quality by Design (QbD) standards with up to 36 online units.


​​Autoclavable vessels: 100-300-500 mL, 1-2-3-5-7-10-15-20 Litres
​​SUB Disposable vessels: 3-10-20-30-50 Litres

  • Parallel operation reduces development times
  • Modular design and interconnectivity with external devices allow individual solutions
  • Superior BIOFLEX™ control software supports sophisticated process control, comprehensive data and information management and design of experiments (DoE)
  • Advanced process development built around Quality by Design (QbD) standards
  • Powerful, industry-grade HMI-PC control system with 19” or 22” TFT colour touchscreen
  • Independent process control for up to 36 culture vessels with a combination of STR stirred tank glass vessels, SUB disposable vessels, and SIP in situ sterilisable vessels
  • Measurement and Control of pH, pO2, temperature, foam level, substrate addition, gas mixing, agitation, gravimetric feed and harvest control, constant total gas flow control, vessel pressure, Redox and turbidity
  • Up to eight integrated peristaltic pumps with fixed or analogue speed pump options for each bioreactor
  • Superior gas mixing with up to eight rotameters and mass flow controllers for each bioreactor
  • Easy on-site upgrade of supply tower and culture vessel
  • Choice of pre-configured systems or bespoke solutions customised from an extensive list of options
  • Improved utility and probe connectivity
  • Easy upgrade of cell culture packages for multi-purpose use
  • Integrated process control and monitoring software
  • Validation support available, integrated logbook and four-level password protection

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