Intelligent modules

OEM Intelligent Modules

Intelligent Modules for new bioreactors or for upgrades of existing machines

KBiotech Modules with High-performance processing capabilities and industrial communication for integrated or third-party hardware and software control.

KBiotech intelligent modules can be integrated with new or existing bioreactors and fermenters such as autoclavable, disposable and in situ sterilizable from lab scale to pilot and production systems.

Kbiotech has developed an innovative and unique line of standard and fully customizable modular control systems, available both as an integrated solution and as open systems for configuration to existing or other hardware and software.

The BIO-BOOK Plus intelligent modules provide high-performance processing capabilities, sensor-specific conditioned I/O, and a closely integrated tool chain that make them ideal choices for Industrial Internet and OPC UA to monitoring and control applications via external Softwares.

It is possible to configure one or more Bioreactors with an almost unlimited number of modules and devices.

The modules available, each with their own independent CPU control or as open systems configurable with external PLC and software, are the following:

  • Master Controller, to control 64 or more variables at line: pH, PO2, T°, Level, Foam, Pressure, Conductivity, Biomass, Gas analysis, ORP, pCO2, Glucose etc. (customizable controller)
  • Gas mixing module with 4 x MFCs controllers or 8 x Rotameters (customizable working ranges)
  • Pump module 8 x variable-speed stepper pumps (customizable working ranges)
  • Thermostating module with or without integrated chiller for jacketed or single-jacket systems (customizable working ranges)
  • SIP module to control the sterilization process in situ (customizable control module)
  • CIP module to control the cleaning process in situ (customizable control module)

The modules can be customized according to specific customer requests.

The control modules can be controlled remotely by our Scada Bioflex software, or alternatively they can be interfaced with third-party software.

Technical data / each module

  • Power supply: 120 – 240 (±10 %) V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A, Single Phase
  • Water supply: Quick-connect; 10 psig (0.69 barg)
  • Communication: Ethernet, OPC UA (SCADA, IP Network)
  • Dimensions of each module: 305 W x 175 H x 450 D  / 12.20 × 17.60 × 26.57 inches
  • Weight w/o accessories for each module: approx 8 Kg / 17.6 lbs

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