KBiotech produces compact and modular Bioreactors from laboratory scale to production in a range of vessel types, stirred-tanks or single-use, using advanced control technologies and process strategies to automate, intensify and improve your bioprocess. Fully scalable bioreactors from development to manufacturing starting from 50 mL w/v to 5 KL in standard or customized solutions. We also perform special and OEM projects for pilot and industrial plants up to 5KL and can handle the retrofitting and modernization of existing systems.

Benchtop Bioreactors

Choose your ideal bioreactor solution for research, development and process optimization

Kbiotech Bio-Book Compact Bioreactor

Bench-Scale Compact Bioreactors & Fermentors

Ease of use and small footprint

Bio-Book UP Modular Bioreactors

Advanced modular and flexible system

Single Use Bioreactors and Fermentors

SUS & SUB disposable solutions

Twin Bioreactor

Twin Modular Bioreactors

2 parallel vessels

Tween Bioreactors Single Use

Quad Modular Bioreactors

4 parallel vessels

Parallel Modular Bioreactors

Up to 12-24 parallel vessels


For phototrophic organisms

Intelligent Modules for new bioreactors or for upgrades of existing machines

Types of Vessels available for Benchtop Bioreactors

vessel sub 300-500ml

Mini Bioreactors 50ml – 1.000ml


Single Wall Vessels 300ml – 20L


Water Jacketed Vessels 300ml – 20L


SUB & SUS Vessels 300ml – 30L

Special & Customized Vessels

In situ Sterilizable Bioreactors and Fermenters

Standard or customized solutions for fermentation, cell culture or other applications.

Laboratory In situ sterilizable 3L-50L

Pilot Bioreactors

Pilot Bioreactors 50L-500L

Industrial SIP/CIP systems 500L-30.000L

SIP/CIP Sterilization and Cleaning in place systems

Stand alone or Integrated solutions for sterilization and cleaning of Bioreactors/Fermenters, Tanks, Reactors and other equipment.

Bioprocess Analyzers

Instruments for online analysis and monitoring of bioprocesses.

KG-FERM Gas Analyser

On-line Biomass Sensors

Tanks & Reactors for liquid preparations

Oils and gels or other applications.

Tanks & Reactors

Bioflex Software – Automation & Controllers

software bioflex

Bioflex Software

Automation and Controllers