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KBiotech is a privately-owned company that specialises in engineering, developing, and manufacturing innovative bioprocess equipment. With a management team with over 40 years of experience and backgrounds in the fields of fermentation, sterile processing, and automation technologies, the company was founded to meet the challenges of producing and supplying leading industrial and institutional customers with a new generation of Bioreactors, Fermenters and Disposable solutions for research and production, as well as scientific instruments and diagnostics products. From the outset, KBiotech has invested heavily into optimising its product line and our customers can now benefit from high-quality systems created to meet the latest international regulatory standards. The company’s guidelines provide for Q.A. and Q.C. for all our products, including materials traceability. Kbiotech machinery and products can be validated according to the latest GLP, GMP and FDA standards for worldwide distribution.

KBiotech is the ideal partner to find the solution that suits your specific needs

Thanks to the abilities of our skilled engineers and technicians, we can offer flexible solutions and deal with multiple requirements covering fermentation, cell culture and renewable applications in the world of Green, Red and White Biotechnologies. Kbiotech has a policy of continuous improvement, reinvesting the majority of our profits into R&D with a focus on providing new tools and technologies to satisfy our customers’ constantly-changing requirements. Our goals are to improve processes to optimise efficiency, quality and cost.

KBiotech is proud to announce its state of the art, next generation range of Re-usable and Disposable Bioreactors in the Biobook UP Modular series as well as the user-friendly Biobook Compact series. All KBiotech machinery are designed by experienced, leading-edge engineers to achieve the highest standards of flexibility, performance and reliability for your processes.

All BioBook bioreactors and fermenters integrate modern, open-source industrial technologies with a unique concept of intelligent modularity, expandability, and solidity. All BioBook bioreactors and fermenters feature industrial design with stainless a steel front, back, and utility panel. All modules are connected to the master controller through industry standard Ethernet communications protocols, while the modular design enables you to configure the systems according to your lab space needs within the most compact footprint.

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