This is a partial list of trademarks owned by Kbiotech gmbh or its subsidiaries. Omission from this list does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Kbiotech or its subsidiaries may have established in product, feature, term or design. Kbiotech and its subsidiaries trademarks should be marked with the “TM” symbol and be accompanied by the attribution statement: “Kbiotech Technologies,  and other trademarks are trademarks of Kbiotech or its subsidiaries.” All trademarks should only be used as adjectives (for example, “Compact Bioreactor, ” and never as nouns (for example, “the Compact”). Use of any Kbiotech Trademarks, including the logos, may not be used without prior, written permission from Kbiotech.  Third-party usage of the logos is limited to authorized users and only in accordance with Logo guidelines provided under the authorization.  If you are wanting to use any of our trademarks, please submit a 3rd party license request here.  Any questions concerning the use of these trademarks or any other Kbiotech names, marks or logos should be directed to

Kbiotech Partner Program

Mark Appropriate noun
BIOBENCH ADVANCED BIOREACTOR Advanced modular bioreactor series
COMPACT BIOREACTOR Entry level compact laboratory bioreactor
COMPACT PLUS BIOREACTOR Up date compact laboratory bioreactor
BIOBOOK  UP Smart modular laboratory bioreactor
BIOBOOK TWIN Smart modular laboratory for two bioreactor
BIOBOOK  QUAD Smart modular laboratory for four bioreactor
COMPACT-  AIL Compact  laboratory air-lift bioractor
COMPACT  PBR Compact laboratory photobioreactor
COMPACT – FLAT Compact laboratory PBR Flat bioreactor
BIOBENCH LAB-CIP Laboratory Cip system
QVESSEL Jacket glass bioreactor
SQVESSEL Un-jacket glass bioreactor
DQVESSEL Single –Use bioreactor
BIOSIP LAB Pilot Stainsteel bioreactor
BIOSIP -CIP Pilot Stainsteel bioreactor included clean in place systems
BIOFERM Plant Stainsteel bioreactor
BIOFERM-CIP Plant  Stainsteel bioractor included clean in place systems
BIOFLEX Supervisory and data acquisition software for  control laboratori bioreactors
SMC BIOFLEX SCADA Supervisory and data acquisition software for remote control  bioreactors
KGASFERM ONE Exhausted  gas  analyzer
KGASFERM TWIN Two channel  Exhausted  gas  analyzer
KCH – 650W Laboratory Thermo-  Chiller
KCH- 1800W Laboratory Thermo-  Chiller
KSG-  8,5KG Laboratory steam generator
KSG-13KG Laboratory steam generator


Trademark Use by Authorized Kbiotech Partners and Licensees

If You have an existing relationship with Kbiotech, please adhere to the specific trademark use guidelines and terms provided in Your written agreement.

If You are a Kbiotech Partner Ready partner please refer to the below link for additional information, including trademark guidelines specific to Your Kbiotech Partner Ready program.  If You are part of another Kbiotech partner program, please refer to the trademark guidelines for your specific program or contact your Kbiotech business contact.

Partner Ready:
If Your existing agreement with Kbiotech authorizes You to display Kbiotech trademarks, but does not contain specific trademark use guidelines, please follow the trademark use guidelines on this page.

If You have questions You should contact Your account representative or other Kbiotech.

Kbiotech General Trademark Guidelines

The following general trademark guidelines are intended for use by companies that are authorized users of Kbiotech trademarks, including for example Kbiotech’s partners, licensees, alliances and authorized resellers under contract with Kbiotech.

Kbiotech does not use or require the use of trademark symbols, legends or acknowledgements with Kbiotech trademarks, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Kbiotech trademarks should be presented as adjectives modifying generic nouns; for example: Kbiotech bioreactors, Kbiotech support services, etc.

Do not use variations, plural or possessive forms of Kbiotech trademarks.

Do not use Kbiotech trademarks in a manner likely to mislead or confuse the public as to the origin of any goods or services, or as to sponsorship or endorsement by Kbiotech.

Do not use Kbiotech trademarks to make false statements about Kbiotech or its products or services.

Do not incorporate or integrate Kbiotech trademarks in Your trade names, business names, product names, service names, social media user names, or domain names.

Do not adopt or imitate Kbiotech’s logos, distinctive product designs, product packaging, trade dress, advertising materials, slogans, taglines or website layouts.

When referring to Kbiotech in formal documentation (i.e., annual reports, financial reports) the full legal entity name, Kbiotech is preferred. In other contexts, Kbiotech is preferred.