For phototrophic organisms

Kbiotech PBR (Photobioreactor) systems can contain and grow algae, cyanobacteria and other photosynthetic organisms under heterotrophic and mixotrophic conditions.

Kbiotech PBRs are available in standard and custom fit volumes starting from 1 litre up to 100 litres for research and pilot production. Open field and large scale PBRs are also available on request.

Kbiotech PBRs are available in three different configurations:

  • ROUND TYPE: versatile configuration for multipurpose applications, including algae, plant cells, light dependant cells, bacteria, yeasts, cell cultivation
  • AIR LIFT: suitable for algae cultures, biogas and bacterial fermentation
  • FLAT-PANEL: optimal set-up for light penetration and absorbance for algae, plants and light-dependant cells


  • Culturing Macro and Micro Algae
  • Cyanobacteria and purple bacteria
  • Seaweed, plant cells, and bryophytes
  • Production of Biomolecules (polysaccharides, amino acids, isoprenoids, phenols)
  • Bioplastics, organic renewable replacements for petrochemical products
  • Aquaculture (animal feed, human nutrition, value-added products)
  • Carbon Capture (sinking carbon to mitigate climate change)
  • Wastewater remediation
  • Pharmaceutical applications (drug discovery, bioactive molecules, vaccines)
  • Hydrogen gas production (biorefineries)
  • Algal alcohols and oils as biofuels
  • Product optimization
  • Scale-up/scale-down studies
  • PBR optimization
  • Continuous cultures
  • Perfusion systems
  • Industrial production

Top features

  • Choice of Compact or Modular controller for single or parallel operations
  • Analog or Digital online PO2, pH, Conductivity, ORP sensors
  • LED module with choice of white, red, blue strips with different wavelenghts and intensity
  • Automatic control of light intensity and day/night cycle simulation.
  • Manual or automated Gas mixing control
  • Feeding pumps fixed or variable-speed for liquids additions
  • Stirred vessels with mixing system and propellers or gentle Gas mixing
  • Other parameters available including Biomass, CO2/O2 gas analysis, Weight, dissolved pCO2, etc.
  • Powerful & Intuitive Bioflex Software, able to control up to 12 or more units online.
  • Remote control access available via laptop, dekstop and/or smartphone
  • Standard vessels available from 500 ml to 20 L total volume
  • Customized vessel starting at 20 L above
  • Different vessel designs available: Round type, Flat-panel, Air / Gas lift
  • Online technical after-sales support available worldwide

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